24 Hour Fitness Membership Agreement

I will give the online contact form a shot and apply for membership. I get an automatic message that tells me that at some point someone will come back to me: the standard contract of the monthly affiliate chain allows customers to cancel their subscription by writing an email, calling the company or in person. Because 24 Hour Fitness has closed its call centres and it is not possible to leave in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has made it more difficult, if not impossible, for customers to cancel their subscriptions. We can freeze your membership for several reasons; However, your membership must be in good condition to qualify. Among the good reasons to freeze membership are: wait, a minute… I have a 12-month membership. How would my membership be renewed? I read the rest of the letter, but it does not contain any more details. Where can I ask questions about my settlement or contract? For now until June 17, please contact 24 Hour Fitness with questions: www.24hourfitness.com/contact_us or call customer service 800-432-6348 You can have your monthly expenses deducted electronically from your current account or debit/credit card account. This is called electronic money transfer (EFT). Or for some memberships, you pay your membership in advance at the time of registration. For more information, check out our membership options.

To update current subscription information, please use our My24 online tool. 24 Hour Fitness supports the military with subscription discounts and offers flexible schedules that allow military and military spouses to be employed in our clubs.24 Hour Fitness is one of the most military-friendly employers in G.I. Jobs magazine and among military spouses and employers in Military Spouse magazine. If you have a monthly subscription (this is not the case for a term or a commitment period), you can cancel it by providing a 24-hour fitness notification. Notification must be made in writing, by phone or in person at a club. On your cancellation request, future monthly payments will be suspended and contributions paid in advance of your last month will be applied. Please read your specific affiliation agreement for a full declaration of withdrawal rights. What will happen to my current membership? Your price will not increase, it will remain the same.

They are automatically transferred to a VASA membership. Rest assured that your membership will be renewed for the same period as the temporary closure of our clubs… The member represents the representation that the member (the buyer and the member may be the same person) be covered by his or her own insurance policies, which cover any personal injuries they may inflict on them personally or that they may inflict on others or that may be inflicted on them by others.


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