Uk Peru Agreement

After severe damage caused by the El Nino climate cycle in Peru in 2017, the Department of International Trade (DIT) today signed a G2G agreement with the Government of Peru to support the decisive reconstruction of public institutions. Documents containing information on treaties and a summary of the trade agreement between the United States and Andean countries. El Primer Ministro briténico expresé su satisfaccién por la nueva oportunidad de cooperacién entre su pa es y el Peré, pa`ses que sostienen una relacién histérica muy rica, de la que hoy se escribe un nuevo capétu. Replicando la excelente experiencia de trabajo conjunto en la realizacién de los Juegos Panamericanos 2019, la firma del mencionado acuerdo no puede ser mes oportuna, considerando que el Fenémeno del Nio nos demuestra que nos enfrentamos afé diciles condiciones derdas del Cambio Climeti. In ese sentido, the experiencia del Reino Unido, unida a la visién del gobierno peruano, generarén un futuro mes prespero, inclusivo y resiliente. In the wake of the disaster, the Peruvian government established its authority to rebuild infrastructure damaged or destroyed by the floods. In December 2019, the Authority announced that it would achieve this through a government (government-to-government) (G2G) government agreement that will use the expertise of a private sector partner country to build better and more sustainably. Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Pablo Campana and Colombian Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Laura Valdivieso also signed the agreement. Finally, President Vizcarra expressed his gratitude and stressed the importance of the agreement, not only for the many citizens directly concerned, but also for all Peruvians. In this regard, the President announced that from 1 July, the work of the agreement will be carried out in nine regions of the country through interventions that will lead to comprehensive solutions to reduce vulnerability to natural disasters.

He also said that the agreement would create thirty thousand direct jobs and ten thousand indirect jobs, which would contribute to the post-COVID economic recovery.19


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