Apple Service Agreement

2.3 Prices. Apple strives to provide you with competitive prices for current Apple products and services. Your total order price includes the price of the product or service on the day of the order. Apple reserves the right to change the price of products or services displayed at any time and, in particular, to correct pricing errors. If the estimated expiration date of your telephone technical support, limited warranty, or AppleCare contract is incorrect for your serial number, please contact us. You must send the original purchase receipt for your product to Apple so that we can update your purchase date. A receipt containing the receipt number, product description, initial purchase date, price and distributor details is a valid purchase document. 1.4 Service Options. Apple provides the service through one of the following options and chooses the type of services based on the circumstances, especially based on the type of Apple product: 5.15 Complete Agreement; Force majeure. This agreement regulates service transactions accepted by Apple.

No other oral or written conditions apply. Apple does not authorize any waivers or modifications to this Agreement. Apple is not responsible for any errors or delays in the provision of services or in the delivery of your product or replacement product due to events that are not under Apple`s proper control. 1.11.2 It is your responsibility to back up all existing data, software and programs and delete all existing data before obtaining services. .


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