Ktp Agreement

This publication is available from www.gov.uk/government/publications/university-and-business-collaboration-agreements-model-research-collaboration-agreements/university-and-business-collaboration-agreements-model-research-collaboration-agreements Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) Eindhoven, The Netherlands Key Technology Partnership founded: 3 December 2013 Agreements: KTP; The collaborative doctoral degree agreement (attached) [currently being renewed]; Exchange agreement on student mobility. The Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) is located in the heart of the Dutch high-tech region of Brainport and has high-quality laboratory facilities. Tu/e is a research university focused on engineering, science and technology. The university took first place in Times World University`s rankings as the best performer in the industry`s revenue pillar – for collaboration with industry. In total, Tu/e 141 is positioned for the world ranking of the University of Higher Education in 2018 and 104 in the QS 2018 world ranking. UTS and TU/e developed a mobility programme for students and scientific staff and signed a joint doctoral agreement in 2013. Both universities study a wide range of cooperation and research activities that focus primarily on industrial design and social robotics. The contact details of the University of Northampton KTP office have been updated and the Ella`s Kitchen video has been added. Updated details for KTP contact at the University of Plymouth. .

Beijing Institute of Technology (ILO) Beijing Key Technology Partnership: 3 November 2010 agreements: KTP; Collaborative doctoral agreement (dual); Exchange agreement on student mobility. The Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was founded in 1940 in Yan`an, Shaanxi Province, and was transferred to Beijing in 1949. ILO is one of the national “Project 211” and “Project 985” universities in China, which enjoys priority support from the central government and focuses on engineering, information technology and applied sciences. ILO and UTS have closely coordinated research and teaching capacities, particularly in the fields of computer science, technology and science. Together, the two institutions have an active research program and a newly created student exchange program. UTS has also successfully launched its first Dual Degree-PhD program in China with BIT. . This agreement defines the conditions of a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) under which a graduate or doctoral student leads the project. The company owns the results. The institution has the right to use the company`s results for academic and research purposes, and its students and staff have academic publication rights. Its conditions are very similar to those of Cooperation Agreement 4, with additional conditions in the light of the KTP programme.

Contact information added for Queen Mary University of London The institution owns the results and grants the employee a non-exclusive license to use the results. The employee has the right to ask the institution to negotiate an exclusive license. Updated KTP Advisor Details: Dr. Gillian Rysiecki was removed for retiring KTP employee Lydia Chan during a meeting with colleagues at the Renown production site. UC and UTS share common research strengths in many academic fields, including sustainability, pharmacy, linguistics, quantum computing and intelligent systems, bacteriology, parasitology and virology, health services and practices, built infrastructure, plant function biology and climate change, contemporary design practices, legal research and corporate governance. . . .


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