Aws Online Customer Agreement

5.5.1. The rights to an EC2 reserve active body may be put up for sale through the RI Marketplace, provided that (1) the remaining term on the Reserved Instance is more than 1 month and (2) the payment of the pre-feeding tax for it has been received and processed (for credit card purchases, 30 days after payment of advance fees , and for purchases after paying the corresponding invoice) (a “negotiable EC2 reserve instance”). You can be a “seller” if you are a current AWS customer who has a good reputation, a marketable EC2 reserve instance is linked to your AWS account and the registration process is completed via your AWS account. You can be a “buyer” if you are a current AWS customer who has a good reputation. Companies not established in the United States cannot be sellers without providing the W-8BEN (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Holding) form to determine that you are not a U.S. person. You can resell an EC2 reserve instance that you previously purchased through the RI Marketplace. You cannot resell an EC2 reserve instance that you purchased through a Discount Program (Reserved Instance or otherwise) without our prior authorization. 70.1. AWS IQ experts (“providers”) offer their services (“provider services”) as independent contractors and are not collaborators to you or us. AWS is not a part of the agreement between you and the suppliers for their service providers, is not responsible or responsible for supplier services and does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of service providers. In order to avoid any doubt, any certification received from a supplier on our part only certifies that the supplier has passed a test designed to assess the supplier`s competence and understanding for a specific service or area of knowledge to which this certification refers, and does not guarantee that supplier services will be performed at a certain level of quality.

Speed or on your specific needs. AWS EA is a custom contract that is not available online. Customers negotiate this agreement directly with AWS and replace the standard AWS customer agreement. 8.5 License restrictions. Neither you nor the end-user may use service offers for any way or for any purpose other than those expressly authorized by this Agreement. Neither you nor an end user can (a) try to change, modify, repair or otherwise create software-derived works contained in service offerings (except to the extent that you include software is provided under a separate license expressly authorizing the creation of derivative works), (b) redevelop, disassemble or decompile service offerings or use other processes to obtain the source code of software that explicitly allows software creation) , (b) are included in service offers, (c) access or use service offers in a manner that avoids fees or overshoots of usage limits or quotas, or (d) to resell or sublicensing service offers.


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