What Is The Meaning Of Agreement In Sanskrit

Sa-vid () – An agreement or a promise, the alliance. अभ्युपाय [abhyupya] [abhy-up`ya] m. a deal, promises, engagement, a bed. अभ्युपेत्याशुश्रूषा [abhyupety-u-ara] [abhyupety-u-r] for breach of a contractual service, a law of dispute settlement between the master and a servant who gives his consent. It`s a bed. ii , 182 seqq. 2) [v.s. …] n. (?) [Mah-bh-rata viii, 4512.] Each urban area should have a cultural cell that should work to preserve the city`s heritage, natural structures and heritage. The Director General of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis Shri R. Parshuram stated this at the signing of a protocol between the Institute and the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach) New Delhi. The MoU has agreed to work on several issues, including the Madhya Pradesh Heritage Policy Agenda, ancient heritage documentation, capacity building, training and culture.

अभ्यनुमोदन [abhyanumodana] [abhy-anumodana] n. 2) [v.s. …] n. (?) Disposition, agreement, [Mah-bh-rata viii, 4512.] for what was estimated before bed MBh. xii , 180 , 32. अभिसम्पूज् [abhisampj ] [abhi-sam-√ pj] (ind général.p. [-pejya] in honor, revered very well Lit.M rkP. अभ्युत्तॄ [abhyuttṝ] [abhy-ut-√ tṝ] (3.pl. [-t-taranti] cross the bed; (1.pl.

[ -tarema] to cross, to (acc.) It`s a bed. Sa-vid () – An agreement or a promise, the covenant. ii , 12, 1. you vote with , approval with (instr.) It`s a bed. Part 24 – Rem-dvaya (a.d. 1300) < [Chapter XI – Vedénta School (continued)] Full text: Samviditam, Asamvida, Asamvidana, Samvidita, Samvidita, Samvidita, Samvidita, Samvidita, Samvidita. Lesson XI – The writing < [Book I – Shiksha Valli] Agree with permission, bed. I`m Takam. अभ्युपधा [abhyupadh`] [abhy-upa-√ dh` ] [ -pa-dadh`ti ] , bed TS.

; with (instr.) The bed. In: P. (3.pl. [ – epa-dadhati ] , Subj. 1.pl. [ -dh`mahai] in addition or with bed . . . 1) Savida () —sa-vida] [of sa-vid] mfn. conscious (in a-s), [atapatha-br`hmaa] अभ्यूह्य [abhyhya] [abhy-ehya] 2 ind.p.

By argument, according to the base of the bed. Sweat. It`s a bed. This is it. 7-4, 23 beds. [abhisvare] ind.dat. “for vocation in the present,” just behind (with gen.) It`s a bed. Rv. iii , 45 , 2 and x, 117 , 8 Bed VS. अभ्युपयुक्त [abhyup-upayukta ] [ abhy-upayukta ] m.

f. Sanskrit, also written संस्कृतम् (Sask-tam), is an ancient language of India, generally considered the grandmother of the endocdo-European linguistic family (also English!). Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more grammarally and technically comprehensive and has the most comprehensive literary collection in the world, far beyond its sister languages, Greek and Latin. (√ [yuj] ], collaborators, comm collaborators. To Bett Pat. . is combined with the state of work or अभिसिद्धि implementation of the bed. . (in Yoga phil.) the effort of the mind to remain in its state of unsealed purity (sattva).

अभ्यादिश् [abhy-dia] [abhy-a-√ dié] (Intens.


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