Cao Employment Agreement

It is not mandatory, but most Dutch companies reimburse workers for the cost of commuting. In the collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst – CAD (collective employment contract), in company regulations or in your employment contract, you will find the rules in force. A fixed-term contract has a start date and an end date. The contract expires on the agreed date, although the employer is required to notify you in writing if the contract is renewed at least one month before the deadline. We strongly recommend that you ensure that you obtain a written contract, although a verbal agreement is also valid in the Netherlands. The employer is required to inform you in writing of the main points of the contract within one month of the start of the contract. Within legal limits, employers and workers are free to choose what is within the contract. You can also agree with your employer that you will immediately stop working. You both have to agree. If you resign, you must meet a one-month notice period. Your employment contract may prescribe something else, provided it is done in writing.

It is important to carefully check all the terms of your employment contract before signing. As a member of the Federation of Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU), we comply with the rules of the collective agreement (CAO) that apply to temporary workers. This OAC contains essential elements such as minimum wage, overtime pay, notice periods, leave allowances, etc. Before you start your first task with Undutchables, you will receive a copy of this CAD. Below is a list of the main topics. You can download the CAD in English here or use the Uitzendkrachten CAD app (on Google-play and App Store), Dutch labour law applies in whole or in part, even if you have moved to the Netherlands with an employment contract abroad under the law of your home country or if you work for an international organization. If you run a business in the Netherlands, you may need to work with a collective agreement (Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst, CAD). CAOs are collective agreements between employers (or employers` organizations) and unions on wages and other conditions of employment. If there is no CAD, you will need an individual agreement with your employer on working conditions, preferably in writing. The rules established by law form the basis of this agreement, that is, the employment contract. There are very few public holidays in the Netherlands. Whether you are free to work these days depends on the agreements between the employer and the employee in the OAC (collaborative employment contract) or in your employment contract.

The employer needs the dismissal authorization and, depending on the reason for dismissal, has two options: through a district or canton court if the employment relationship is damaged, or the UWV, for economic reasons or because of illness.


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